Katy Hirschfeld

I began collaging at a very young age, not really knowing what I was doing. I have not stopped collaging since then, which is why i believe it has evolved into what it is now. I love quirks and imperfections so none of my work has any straight lines, or perfectness about them. When I collage its like nothing in the world exists, its a type of zone that i believe is the one time of my life where i am truly living, not thinking, stressing, or “b-s”ing on my phone, but I’m actually living, presently. It is the most therapeutic thing to have this outlet.  My collages are like puzzles, each piece fits into the next and it happens really almost subconsciously. The simple overlapping of many small pieces, arranged in just the right way speaks volumes, touching on issues implicitly without being overbearing or preachy. My work tends to stand as a viewers’ test, challenging what one sees versus what they feel in relation to the contemporary pits, progress and powers effecting as all.

Featured image photo credit: Tejas Prints©



Hirschfeld_Katy_Taste_2014 kmfinal bubble-collage sippingthecity

photo credit: Tejas Prints©

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