Devan Dominguez

I hand stretch graffiti art photographs onto canvas.  I have always been intrigued by the concepts of light and dark.  How each takes on certain preordained notions of good and evil, and how the juxtaposition of the two helps define judgment of what is beautiful.  To me, graffiti art and culture is the perfect semblance of such juxtaposition.  Graffiti often presents a message of anger, aggression, or 20140805192030_004 copyinsubordination; all conveyed within the guise of a bright, colorful aesthetic.  Such is the dual nature of both people and art.   With this in mind, I actively sought to photograph graffiti in as many cities across the United States and Europe as possible.  The images capture a singular mood and moment that can rarely be replicated, 20140805192030_003 copyas graffiti is such a transient art form.  While the images stand beautifully alone, in many I have overlaid graphics of myself.  In essence, stylizing images previously used for modeling purposes, through caricature.  This to me is the heart of graffiti ideology.

To tell you a little bit more about myself, I graduated from Brown University in 2008 and started actively photographing graffiti in 2011.  I have traveled to 15 different countries but have graffiti art primarily from Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Atlanta, New York and Denver.


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