Talmage Dennis

Hello! My name is Paul Talmage Dennis. Call me, Talmage. When did I become interested in the arts? I remember as a small child being 10624854_962327083794369_2527369775191386944_nso enthralled by the works of Michelangelo and Picasso. I think it’s time for me to show the world my work.  Hopefully, you will follow me on Twitter and I.G. Don’t be thrown off with the handle.

I.G. & Twitter: Uglyazzmuffin


1514962_962474110446333_3981909770027246792_n 1656345_818119228215156_166558950_n 1899891_950368118323599_2397255375852577616_n 10363698_962474097113001_8599103545227280777_n 10441139_953826971311047_2703759698266901379_n 10599433_949933758367035_2861032984065878594_n 10615481_958163127544098_7681478469055104956_n 10616508_958142424212835_7929328050953053328_n 10646878_953835207976890_124122685771810135_n

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