Misty Deupree

Misty Deupree is a small town girl, with a BIG CITY dream.  And a lot of determination to go behind that dream.  Although she lives in Northwest Arkansas, she has had the opportunity to do live events and films in other states; however, they’ve always come at bad timing.  Misty has been doing hair and makeup for over a decade but always stuck with local events like Proms, Weddings, Homecoming, Pageantry, etc. That is until 2013, where she got that ‘itch’ to become something bigger and better, to put her skills to use.  In 2013, she competed in a hair and makeup salon fair and won first place in two categories and third place in another.  Bringing home a title in each category!!  She has participated in many local events such as NWA Fashion Week, Rulli Torres NWA Fashion Show, NWA Dancing With The Stars commercial and photo shoot, Love’s Hangover Creations Fashion Show for Walmart Corporate Office, etc.  She has done makeup for local news anchors and portfolio jobs for models.  Misty works hard to get where she wants to be and is betting that in the next couple of years her passion will drive her abilities to be noticed on a more grand scale.  In the meantime, between Fashion Shows and such she works as an Independent Hair and Makeup Stylist at The Blue Door Salon located in Bentonville, Arkansas.
Be sure to drop in and see how creative Misty truly can be!!


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