Hitkey’s artist, Eric Oko Dodoo, also known as Oko, is originally from Ghana West Africa. At the age of 15, he moved to the United States and has resided in the United States ever since. Growing up in a country with diverse cultures and music from every corner of the world, “Oko was exposed to different types of sounds and genres that sparked his passion for creating music. R&B legends such as R. Kelly, Usher, and Boys II Men have heavily influenced his music. Oko began to write and produce his own music with his church Choir when he was only 14. As a true artist who knows a good sound when he hears it, Oko has been molding and perfecting his sound. He aims not to only create great music, but also to impact the world with his talents. Oko is currently working on making his mark in both the American and African music industry as an Independent artist. He has his own independent Label HitKey Entertainment, which he co-founded with his manager Uche Onuoha. Oko and his team are currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina. His work ethic and passion for music symbolizes the ideal HitKey artist. Oko has been giving fans a taste of his music through live performances at different colleges and night clubs from North Carolina to Atlanta, GA. His most recent EP is available for download on ITunes, Cdbaby.com, Google Play, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

IG: Okodgreat
Twitter: Okosdgreat



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