Monika Nieborek

        Monika Nieborek was born in Poland and she currently resides with her family in Goodyear, Arizona.

         Her journey with art started way back in Poland when she began her studies at the University of Warsaw. The environment that she was living in really changed her perspective on things. She was moved and inspired by nature; beauty of her homeland, Poland. Monika found herself recreating this beauty with unique textures and various mediums.

        In 1994, with her family, Monika moved to the United States. First settling in New York City then a few years later in New Jersey. In these cities, she pursued her love of art by being exposed to local galleries and museums. She also got inspiration from personally meeting a few local artists who respected and brought simple pleasure to her and her studies.

        In 2004, Monika graduated from Middlesex College in NJ with a degree in Fine Arts.  Following her graduation, Monika and her family moved to Arizona. Now, she is motivated by the austere beauty of the south-western desert.

        Monika works mainly with acrylic and oils, creating beautifully detailed textures. She finds inspiration in simple found objects like paper, fabric, string or glue itself. Her palette blitzes in bronzes, yellows and reds.

        Monika is best known for her several collections of The Trail of Painted Ponies. Constantly increasing her artistic and creativity skill,  Monika has had the honor to exhibit her art with galleries in Chambersburg, PA, The District Art Gallery in Tustin, CA and several online art competitions.


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