Jay Man

My name is Juan Martinez; best known as Jay Man. I am a full time 086model, actor, and writer. I’ve been going at this since the age of 11. Now, I am 25. I’m really passionate about what I do and play no games with my work. Hopefully, I’ll find people that find the same interest in what I like. New friends, I will gladly welcome you to my Facebook page @jay man and my Instagram thy_unbroken- please if you like my work don’t be scared to like share or repost.

I’m a young male that been through a lot and use my work as a getaway. I was born in New York City and raised in Harlem but different from a lot of New Yorkers. I’ve been apart of a lot of different events this year as far as fashion shows. I’ve been in the Bronx Fashion Week, Emerge Fashion Show, Serenity Nights Fashion Show and Mercedes Benz Fashion Show as well. I have been in a good amount of underground shows to the point where I started my own group called “Fashion Image”- a boot that turns out to be the greatest and push for more without breaking down or getting in anyone’s way. I think I gone into it to express how I feel. I write my own films and then have the group shoot it. So, here we come. Watch out for a “Fashion Image” we coming strong and I would love to thank all my family, friends, and all supporters. I would have never gone this far without you.

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