Dominic Packulat

Dominic Packulat, 24, born in Frankfurt/Main, is a young Germadominicpackulat_sciacca award (3)n photographer. In 2006, he started to take pictures with his first camera. Before he focused 100% on his own world, he absolved anapprenticeship as an office clerk318730_4297205948777_2040738875_n. In 2010, he started a new (way of) life, the creative one. He found his Big Love: the old way of taking pictures. Trying out old techniques, he gradually created his own way of being a photographer. The darkroom became his new home, black and white his most beloved colors. Every time he gets new ideas, he writes a little story about the pictures inside his mind. Every person in this story gets their own life.

You can find a part of his past and his feelings in every tiny detail of his work. In January 2013, he finished his apprenticeship as a photographer. In April, he had his first exhibition in Hamburg and been presented with the “Giuseppe Sciacca Award 2013” for his passion to the “real“ analogue Photography at the University of Vatican in Rome.

landscape_singing_1 landscape_singing_2 landscape_singing_3 landscape_singing_4slandscape_singing_6 landscape_singing_5 landscape_singing



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