Joey G. Neas

At the young age of 3 Years old, Joey started dance. At the age of 7, he added Modeling/Acting to his activities. Singing started at 10 and that was his deepest passion! In Hip-hop Joey is 10714015_533809446763575_4837946306076677558_overy talented and self taught and his fav music to dance to Pop. 80’s & 90’s style.. His dance styles include but are not limited to Hiphop/popping/wave/Gliding/Swing,Ballroom,Modern. He was vocally trained by Charlie Little from the church he attended as a child. Charlie trained him for a year and regularly then after still helped coach his vocal performances. Charlie taught Joey that if you give it to the good Lord first, your voice can be heard and joy can be spread. He enjoys singing and covering songs in the genres of Pop,R&B and Smooth. Joey is an accomplished musician and plays Piano, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Violin, e10661676_533809440096909_6313366111100749708_otc which in turn helps him to be able to write songs and compositions. ” What Inspires me the most about performing and embracing the arts is to see the smile you can make within everyone’s heart. How you can quite a room with one note, or word. How you can make some one cry or sing along! To see the true passion in there eyes to know that it’s from your inside that is doing this. Being about to actually make Magic happen. and to for once actually take someone away from the stress and hardships of this life and just feel what they know they wanna feel and relate too.” Joey is most inspired by these two artists: 1: “Will Smith – Just b/c he started with acting an music. You respects the arts, he takes care of his family an stays out of the dramas of the Fame but still rocks! Great Guy truly amazing and someone i hope to become. 2: One Direction – why 1D? Well, it’s b/c they are and act and do as a family. no one tries to out do the other. They all didn;t know each other and they came together and just turned to world. I love that”. But more importantly the person in Joey’s life that has inspired him the most would have to be Miguel. His best Friend who is gone now (he passed away a few years after they graduated highschool) but still always there. Joey’s Competition Credits include: 1: High school Talent SHow – 1st Place – Lake Wales High – 2010 Dorm Got Talent – Lake Wales Church – 2010 – 1st Place Bush gradans – 1st Place – 2011 Joey’s frist big gig with his team of artists-” Flow42″ was the Toy World Showcase in 2011 in Lake Wales,Fl. Joey was blessed to have the opportunity be to signed to Famous Entertainment of Miami,FL in 2012 but left the agency after some minor disagreements on the vision for Joey’s career. Joey is now currently being managed and vocally coached online by Jenn Stampanoni who is helping him take the steady steps through his journey in the arts and music. Please check out his links that are listed on this page and don’t forget to like and subscribe and comment! Thank you!


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