My One Regret

My One Regret’ is a melodic progressive metalcore band spread out across southern, New Hampshire and southern, Maine. Their sound is technically classified into the American Metalcore genre. The band’s sound is a direct result of the band members wide range of musical taste, talent, and influences. The mixing of all these elements creates a strong, melodic, percussive, orchestration which in the end is ‘My One Regret’. The main elements that create the bands unique sound would be their powerful intro’s that pull the audience in, mixed with their aggressive vocal styling as well as calming serenades, topped with epic dual guitar harmonies, and face melting solo’s. Give ‘My One Regret’ a like on facebook at
On October 19th, 2010, ‘My One Regret’ went in to record their first ever demo entitled, ‘A Storybook Suffering’ at Studio 1.1D in Dover, NH. The band recorded, and mixed the demo in just 3 days, only 2 of which were actually spent recording. The band released this demo on October 25th, 2010. This was mainly a private sale demo that was sold at shows and given away to try and promote the band. Then on November 18th, 2011, My One Regret returned to the studio to record their second demo ‘Devouring The Essence’ which was recorded at Iron Hill Studios in Hampton Falls, NH. This was a weekend warrior excursion and the band spend 3 days recording and waited half a month for it to be mixed. Upon finishing the demo the vocalist at the time decided to leave the band so ‘My One Regret’ was left with beautifully recorded tracks, but with no vocals on them. So this demo was never sold but was available for streaming and free download via Reverbnation.
Fast-forward to 2014 and ‘My One Regret’ is making a come back after a 6 month hiatus. Filled with vigor and a sense of purpose the band is beginning to do shows and has plans to re-record songs from both demos under a new title, yet to be determined. In February 2015 they plan to go into studio and cut an E.P. and then work on releasing their first ever full album.
Each member of the band is an experienced musician and have been honing their skills for at least 6 years. Several members have been in other projects together prior to joining ‘My One Regret’, but not all together in the same project. Ironically after going through many line-up changes over the years, the band has ended up where it began, back with the founding members.
The current lineup of ‘My One Regret’ is:
  • Matthew Trainor – Vocalist and powerfully energetic front-man able to evoke emotion in the audience.

  • Jarrod Gore – Bass player and vocalist, his clean vocals soar over the music and pull you in deeper. Jarrod is also endorsed by “Spector Basses”

  • Michael Bolton – Lead guitar player with intricacies that really speak to his talent and attention to detail.

  • Mikael Poissonier – Rhythm guitar player with a keen ear, and leads that send chills down your spine.

  • Gary Tilley Jr. – Drummer and band founder. Constantly does whatever is needed to keep the band going, and maintains the bands websites. Gary is also endorsed by “Silverfox Drumsticks” as well as currently pursuing a cymbal endorsement with “Soultone Cymbals”.

‘My One Regret’ has been fortunate enough to share the stage with National Acts:
Arsonists Get All The Girls (Century Media Records)
Ion Dissonance (Century Media Records)
Within The Ruins (Victory Records)
And Hell Followed With (Earache Records)
Struc/Tures (Sumerian Records)
Prospect Hill (BamRock Records)
Nobis (formerly XACT Records)
I See Stars (Sumerian Records)
Like Moths to Flames (Rise Records [US], Nuclear Blast [UK/Europe], Zestone [Japan])
Ghost Town (Fueled By Ramen / Haunted Youth)
As well as countless other local and non-local unsigned acts.
Their song “Angel With Shredded Wings” was #2 in New Hampshire for All Music Genre’s for 3 weeks on and #1 for All Metal in New Hampshire for 5 weeks on (on that website)
The next goal for ‘My One Regret’ is to of branch out and be heard by a global audience, to try and get their name out there and put the bug in people’s ears. They need the support of family and friends to help catapult them to a wider market of listeners who will hear them and enjoy the music that ‘My One Regret’ creates.
Follow ‘My One Regret’ as they progress and develop, support them on their journey towards their musical career.
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*Individual band member photos courtesy of Clever Sangalaza
*Band group photo courtesy of Erin Lord

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