Harmony Kids Model (HKM) Management Founder: Alkisha Walker

Harmony Kids Model (HKM) Management, established in 2014, by Alkisha Walker, is a model management company with a diverse team of talented children, aged 4-17. HKM children model, act, dance, sing, rap, play instruments and sports, and do photography. We believe that every child has a unique talent and should be given a platform to express that talent. Modeling, in particular, gives children a platform to express themselves confidently and learn the foundations of good posture and presentation. Our children are academically high achieving students with a passion for fashion and strutting down the runway and sharing their talents with the world. To this end, we are heavily invested in participating in local and national fashion weeks but also fashion shows with a cause dedicated to eliminating diseases and social ills. We have supported fashion shows for homelessness, childhood cancer, lupus, and autism.

Photo Credit: Stephdurkeephotography

IMG_1348 IMG_1323 IMG_1349 IMG_1358

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