LoveByJustice Sharing Holiday Cheer!

On December 20th, 2015, the LoveByJustice charity took a giant leap forward with their annual fundraising efforts on at Fashion Camp Boutique, Norwood, NJ. LoveByJustice is a charity owned and operated by a 6 year-old by the name of Justice Lynn. Justice is a Harmony Kids Model from Springfield, MA. Justice has always had the desire to give back to her community during the holidays and has been blessed with the ability to model, act, and rap due to the support of having her parents and grandparents in her life. Justice understands and is quite aware that all children do not have access to all the necessities and resources that she has been provided with. Justice wants to make other children to feel her love and compassion.

A casting call was held on December 12th for all kid models and designers from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia to participate in the special holiday fashion show. All proceeds of unparalleled success of Holiday Justice 2015 Fashion Show went to the Ronald McDonald House of Springfield. Each model involved in the show sold a minimum of two tickets priced at $25 each to raise money. In addition, the venue, Fashion Camp NJ contributed 10% of their sales for that day. The ultimate mission of the Holiday Justice 2015 Fashion Show was to promote kid entrepreneurs, ethnic diversity, positive imagery, unity, and most of all share- their blessings with the less fortunate (sick, disabled, and terminally ill).

The fashion show included kid designer: Egypt from Chubii Line and Savannah Anderson from Savannah Banana. Also, present were local designers: Jomora Collection, KLindsay Designs, and the boutique, Girl Expressions. The following models present on this day: Alyssa Simone, Araya, Destiny, Emma Faith, Grace, Kai, London, Madison, Madison, McKenzie, Odalys, Olivia Lauren, Ava and Olivia Richards, Stephanie Durkee, and Zakkiyya.

If you’re interested in getting involved as a sponsor, model, designer, venue, collaborator, press, or volunteer for future fundraisers, contact Justice Lynn at

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