Chocolate Brown & BK Hippy ‘5AM on Myrtle Ave’

Chocolate Brown, BK Hippy, and KidNamedNOVA were all born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. All three of them have been influenced by the greats and locals in New York City, especially their borough. They have been building their buzz locally by performing at shows and going to events but they are ready to put their music out ther5AM on Myrtle Avee for the world. If you had to pick a motto for this team it would be “spread love it’s the Brooklyn way”.

5AM on Myrtle Ave’ is a collaborative EP that was created by three kids from Brooklyn, NY. The two emcees (Chocolate Brown and BK Hippy) teamed up with their friend/producer (KidNamedNOVA) to give listeners an inside look at their lives. If you are looking for a project that is packed full of Brooklyn hip-hop, look no further than this EP. Both Chocolate Brown & BK Hippy deliver stories of everyday life in the NYC borough.


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