A Talent In Your Face Exclusive: nonSense’s Pluto 

“Pluto” is nonSense’s latest visual from his debut album ‘Mercury Retrograde’. The New Jersey rapper really showcases his storytelling ability through wicked wordplay and rhymes. The high quality visuals will keep you entertained throughout the entire video just as much as his lyrics. The video portrays an interesting series of clips too. It begins with nonSense tied up and ends with them putting a bag over his head. I guess our imagination has to end the story.
nonSense was born and raised in the hard streets of Newark, New Jersey. Raised in a single parent household, Frantz endured and overcame hardships. Coming from such a chaotic environment, nonSense needed an outlet in order to express his frustrations, fears and future. So, he began writing poetry but was soon entranced by music. Drawing from his mother’s love of music, nonSense began listening, experimenting and cultivating his own craft and style. He chose the name “nonSense”; aiming to create music that compelled the listener to dig deeper in order to reveal the message behind the words. He currently has 3 projects out; ‘Up the Downs’ which dropped 4 years ago, ‘Cosmic Vibes’ 11 months ago, and ‘Mercury Retrograde’ which dropped last month.

 “Pluto” https://youtu.be/rtjboXSVg1w 









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