“New Obsession” Nomad featuring DanBoySmooth

Nomad and DanBoySmooth come together over a WestEnd beat to drop a hard-hitting Trap hit. They both speak about the things they are obsessed with whether it’s money or women. Nomad continues to use his signature autotune effect, making his fans familiar with his sound. It’s always great to see when artists stay in their lane. This is Nomad’s fourth and last single off of his upcoming project ‘To Whom It May Concern’ which is due out this Fall.

LISTEN to “New Obsession” https://soundcloud.com/nomadnate/new-obsession-ft-danboysmooth 

Artists: @Nomad_Nate @DannyBoySmooth

Producer: @westendsound

Nomad is a college educated artist that creates relatable music that can be categorized as Rap, R&B, or Pop. The 23 year-old Dominican was born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn which put him through many different experiences that are demonstrated in his music. In his personal life, Nomad truly loves to give back to the children and works in the community as a Program Director giving back to families. Nomad has plenty of love for his own family and friends as well. He works as hard as he can to continue to make them proud. Nomad’s goal is to make music that can help people in their day to day lives. He is currently working on his debut album that will drop in November of 2016.






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