Music Video Exclusive: Black Magic – Joe Quinto ft. Miguel Diaz

Joe Quinto teamed up with longtime friend and collaborator Miguel Diaz to show the world their new vision and sound. The two Milwaukee rappers produced “Black Magic” together one night in the studio. The video takes you into the woods where it looks like Joe and Miguel are captured by a tribe who are trying to do some voodoo on them. Fast forward to the end of the video and the two artists are connected to wires making it all seem like a simulation which really makes you think about it’s meaning. Watch and decide for yourself.

Artists: @mustbecinco @This_Knee_Diaz

Directed by Take7 Productions

 WATCH “Black Magic”

Formerly known as ‘Cinco’, Joe Quinto has redefined himself as an artist and a creative. Quinto is a multi-talented recording artist, songwriter, producer, curator, and performer that has continued to prove himself in the Milwaukee music scene for years. Feeling the need to distinguish himself from the crowd, Joe felt the need for a full blown rebrand in Summer 2016. With the release of his first official visual “Black Magic” alongside fellow M3 member Diaz, Joe Quinto quickly garnished the attention of many new fans, as well as regaining the following of many old ‘Cinco’ faithful.


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