Emmanuel brings electric energy to any photo shoot! A multi talented force to be recognized-model, actor, singer, dancer. Bringing new energy to the world of modeling, he represents true urban fashion and avant garde trends. Emmanuel represents the face of future fashion!
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0ACD5920 [1024x768]My name is Alexander from South West London. My Facebook name is Alex Alexander. I am a male actor and a model. I am 28 years old. I haveIMG_1236a been modeling for the past 4 years now. I recently started acting.  I will be featured in a movie coming up soon. Recently, I finished my theatre show at Almeida theatre in which I finished on the 4th of October 2014.

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Justin Bailey

I am a male model/actor. I have acting and runway CYMERA_20140925_105358experience. I have done professional photoshoots. I am currently booked for three more fashion shows . Recently, I was in Romeo and Juliet play. I played Montague.


This is my URL to my facebook: https://m.facebook.com/home.php?hrc=1&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F&soft=notifications

This is my URL to my twitter: https://twitter.com/Dunk2timez

This is online website for my acting: http://www.exploretalent.com/justin2351

Jay Man

My name is Juan Martinez; best known as Jay Man. I am a full time 086model, actor, and writer. I’ve been going at this since the age of 11. Now, I am 25. I’m really passionate about what I do and play no games with my work. Hopefully, I’ll find people that find the same interest in what I like. New friends, I will gladly welcome you to my Facebook page @jay man and my Instagram thy_unbroken- please if you like my work don’t be scared to like share or repost.

I’m a young male that been through a lot and use my work as a getaway. I was born in New York City and raised in Harlem but different from a lot of New Yorkers. I’ve been apart of a lot of different events this year as far as fashion shows. I’ve been in the Bronx Fashion Week, Emerge Fashion Show, Serenity Nights Fashion Show and Mercedes Benz Fashion Show as well. I have been in a good amount of underground shows to the point where I started my own group called “Fashion Image”- a boot that turns out to be the greatest and push for more without breaking down or getting in anyone’s way. I think I gone into it to express how I feel. I write my own films and then have the group shoot it. So, here we come. Watch out for a “Fashion Image” we coming strong and I would love to thank all my family, friends, and all supporters. I would have never gone this far without you.

Jaylan Sumter

Hi! I’m Jaylan Sumter! I’m 20 years old. I’m an up and coming model, an actor in unnamedtraining and a track athlete. These are my main three passions in life. I’m loud, outspoken, and very bubbly. People enjoy my presence. Feel free to ask me questions.
You can find me on Facebook at Sumterjaylan@yahoo.com.

Tony Lee Gratz

Tony lee Gratz is a midwest actor from the Milwaukee Wi area and has been working in the film and television industry regularly since late 2010. He has appeared in over 30 productions to date. Starting in student films and then short and feature films, playing roles ranging from minor roles to lead roles. in multipile genres.  He has appeared in award winning films such as “A Chance in Hell”, “The Sad cafe” and “Plastic”.  Tony is a sought after up and coming actor in the mid west indie circuit and is currently filming several films as well as having several in post and pre production.

Film credits
Dark County(pre production)  Co lead actor / “Mr. Castle”    Boomstick Films / John Wesley Norton

New Purpose(pre production) supporting actor / “Nick”   Josh Maxim Hall

Tormenta (pre production)       Lead actor / TBA        September Sons Films / Bernard lewandoski

Veratta (pre-production)        Co lead actor / “Capt. Schweitzer”      Distant Star Films / John Patrick Tomascek

Rapacious (filming)     Lead actor / “Fallen Fellini”   well of souls productions / David hall

Civil Wars of certain summers(Filming)  Lead actor / tba        September Sons Films/Absolute Anthony prod/ Bernard Anthony Lewandowski

Ashley: This side of sunset(post production)    Lead Actor / “Zachary Alexander”        September Sons Films / Bernard Lewandowski

The Package     Co Lead actor / “Costigan”      Ian Mcnamanna

Forgivness      Minor supporting actor / Lead paramedic         Distantstar films / John Patrick Tomascek

The Dismantler  Co-lead actor / “Donkey”        Gang six films / Bernard Lewandowski

Drifted         Minor supporting actor / liquor store robber    Boomstick films/ John Wesley Norton

The Just        Lead actor/ “Det. Jake Evans”   Distant Star Films/ John Patrick Tomascek

Mathew Chichellas Poetic        Supporting actor/ “Nico”          Never Submit Entertainment/ Mathew Chichella

Sadistic        Supporting Actor / “Captain Alvirez”    Indept Pictures / Larry Greene

The sad cafe    Supporting actor / Ares bodyguard “Vicent”      Jing Hu Productions / Bennie Woodell

Four days       Lead actor / “Benjamin Davis”   Zijian yan

Chemotherapy    Lead actor / “Dr. Jonah Tal”    eric fritz

Behind closed doors     Supporting actor / “Dr. Jimmy”  Brad Poglisch

Red voyuer feed         Supporting actor / “George”     Mathew Ean Baelz

Predators game (pre-production)         Major Supporting actor/ “Tony” the hitman       Distant star films / John Patrick Tomascek

A chance in hell        Supporting actor / “Lt. Rosche”         Scottsworthyentertaiment / Tony Wash

Contagion       CDC Employee / extra    Double Feature Films/Steven Soderbergh

Driven  Extra / Miller Lite pit crew    Franchise pictures / Renny Harlin

Mr. 3000        Featured extra / Press box reporter     Touchstone pictures / Charles Stone III

Thinking speed  Minor supporting actor / “Dave”         Nervous system entertainment / Lisa Menzel

Plastic         Cop 1 / minor supporting actor  Jose Gomez

Television credits
ER – “Mars Attacks”     uncredited extra        Warner Bros/various

ER – “Benton Backwards”         uncredited extra        Warner Bros/various

The Mob Doctor          Featured extra/ Constatine’s henchman    Fox / Micheal Dinner

Chicago Code    extra / FBI Agent       20th Century Fox

The Capones     Extra / bar patron      asylum entertainment

L5 series       Supporting actor / “Allan Carmichael”   Team Hemoglobin / Stanley Von medve



Norma Davis

Norma D. Davis is an independent filmmaker, graduate of Capital Community College located in Hartford, Connecticut. Norma is also a veteran of the United States Army. She is the winner of two Honolulu film festival awards for narration short film”After I Did Sex (A.I.D.S)” and “Norma D. Davis: The Ultimate Love Child” (documentary).

She is curreHYB Table Read 8.10.14ntly in post-production for the premier TV/Pilot, “Handle Your Business” starring Kene Holliday (TV Show Matlock), Jack Knight (Bad Boy Records) and introducing, Michelle Clark-Ceres. The dates have been set tentatively for either December 4th or December 11th, 2014.