“Hollywood” By: Chad Michael

Chad Michael hasn’t released anything in three months but he is finally back with a new track titled “Hollywood” and it’s dope. He showcases both his ability to rap and sing Chad Michael - Hollywoodthroughout the track but mainly focuses on spitting metaphors and bars. Chad even switches up his flow multiple times proving he can rap alongside his mentors. Expect more heat like this coming from Chad soon. He is expected to release a handful of records in the next couple months.

Chad Michael is a singer/songwriter from Tucson, AZ who is pursuing a music career in Los Angeles. The 25 year-old released his debut EP, Rain, in December of 2015 and it’s about to break 20,000 plays. His versatile sound sits somewhere between Rap and R&B because he does both well. Chad has had a quiet but successful 2016 as he works on new music and visuals.


Amoré KING

Amoré KING has one main goal musically which is- “Restore The Feeling.” Representing the bass heavy soul sound of Louisville, KY and gritty street sound of Kinston, NC simultaneously, Amore’s sound is multi-layered with a flavor that can only be described as2528 “smooth lyricism”. Given the moniker “Amoré KING” for his dominance lyrically and sonically; from winning radio countdowns so many times they had to retire his records, co-signs from XM/Sirius on air personalities and djs, to producing many of his own (and others) records… its safe to say the name fits.

Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/amoretheking/in-the-moment

Twitter: AmoretheKING
Instagram: Amore.King
Facebook: Amoré King

New Music: ‘Rain’ by Chad Michael

‘Rain’ is the debut EP of Arizona native Chad Michael. The emcee and singer, currently based in Los Angeles, wrote ChadMichaelRainEPand recorded this diverse combination of six songs over the course of 2014-15, drawing from experiences and lessons learned while in college and after moving to Southern California two summers ago to pursue a career in music.

The release ranges topically from intense, world-beating anthems like ‘Different’ to heavier, introspective songs such as ‘Nights Like This’ and the title track ‘Rain’. The opening track, ‘Evolution’ is immediate proof of the emcee’s verbal capabilities, while ‘Miss Me Now’ also provides a playful cockiness to round out the 25-minute EP. Arranged thoughtfully, the record’s ups and downs convey not only a collection of songs but a compelling story-line as well.

Having only recorded for less than four years, Chad uses ‘Rain’ as an opportunity to continue to explore and refine his burgeoning mixture of sounds. Whether crooning softly to an old flame or attempting to navigate the difficulty of societal pressures, the young artist’s intelligence, raw ability, and passion shine through the crisp, often bouncy production of Oregon producer Emotion Beats.

‘Rain’ comes three months after the Soundcloud releases of six remastered tracks from a 2013 project, ‘World on Fire’, and a cover of R&B artist SoMo’s ‘Ride’ in October, which showcases a surprisingly versatile vocal range.

With more on the way in 2016, including expected collaborations with established artists and new visuals, the future appears bright for the 24-year-old. ‘Rain’, while still undeniably raw, uses this point to its advantage, and proves to be a good place to bookmark the early chapters of a promising career.


ANlo is a rising rap artist from Washington, D.C who raps about his single mother raising him in a crime and drug infested community. He also raps about his close friends and relatives who are either dead or incarcerated. He’s not your average rapper who raps about selling drugs or committing crimes, he is more of the narrator of the struggle. He paints imagery in his rhymes of stories he encountered or seen his close friends and relatives encounter that affected his life. ANlo is currently working on a project entitled, “NOW OR NEVER”, he plans on dropping pretty soon. He also recently opened up for Rick Ross, August Alsina, Yo Gotti, and Shy Glizzy at Delaware State University’s Homecoming.


Video Link- http://youtu.be/_08rlkeMqCQ


Tony Lee Gratz

Tony lee Gratz is a midwest actor from the Milwaukee Wi area and has been working in the film and television industry regularly since late 2010. He has appeared in over 30 productions to date. Starting in student films and then short and feature films, playing roles ranging from minor roles to lead roles. in multipile genres.  He has appeared in award winning films such as “A Chance in Hell”, “The Sad cafe” and “Plastic”.  Tony is a sought after up and coming actor in the mid west indie circuit and is currently filming several films as well as having several in post and pre production.

Film credits
Dark County(pre production)  Co lead actor / “Mr. Castle”    Boomstick Films / John Wesley Norton

New Purpose(pre production) supporting actor / “Nick”   Josh Maxim Hall

Tormenta (pre production)       Lead actor / TBA        September Sons Films / Bernard lewandoski

Veratta (pre-production)        Co lead actor / “Capt. Schweitzer”      Distant Star Films / John Patrick Tomascek

Rapacious (filming)     Lead actor / “Fallen Fellini”   well of souls productions / David hall

Civil Wars of certain summers(Filming)  Lead actor / tba        September Sons Films/Absolute Anthony prod/ Bernard Anthony Lewandowski

Ashley: This side of sunset(post production)    Lead Actor / “Zachary Alexander”        September Sons Films / Bernard Lewandowski

The Package     Co Lead actor / “Costigan”      Ian Mcnamanna

Forgivness      Minor supporting actor / Lead paramedic         Distantstar films / John Patrick Tomascek

The Dismantler  Co-lead actor / “Donkey”        Gang six films / Bernard Lewandowski

Drifted         Minor supporting actor / liquor store robber    Boomstick films/ John Wesley Norton

The Just        Lead actor/ “Det. Jake Evans”   Distant Star Films/ John Patrick Tomascek

Mathew Chichellas Poetic        Supporting actor/ “Nico”          Never Submit Entertainment/ Mathew Chichella

Sadistic        Supporting Actor / “Captain Alvirez”    Indept Pictures / Larry Greene

The sad cafe    Supporting actor / Ares bodyguard “Vicent”      Jing Hu Productions / Bennie Woodell

Four days       Lead actor / “Benjamin Davis”   Zijian yan

Chemotherapy    Lead actor / “Dr. Jonah Tal”    eric fritz

Behind closed doors     Supporting actor / “Dr. Jimmy”  Brad Poglisch

Red voyuer feed         Supporting actor / “George”     Mathew Ean Baelz

Predators game (pre-production)         Major Supporting actor/ “Tony” the hitman       Distant star films / John Patrick Tomascek

A chance in hell        Supporting actor / “Lt. Rosche”         Scottsworthyentertaiment / Tony Wash

Contagion       CDC Employee / extra    Double Feature Films/Steven Soderbergh

Driven  Extra / Miller Lite pit crew    Franchise pictures / Renny Harlin

Mr. 3000        Featured extra / Press box reporter     Touchstone pictures / Charles Stone III

Thinking speed  Minor supporting actor / “Dave”         Nervous system entertainment / Lisa Menzel

Plastic         Cop 1 / minor supporting actor  Jose Gomez

Television credits
ER – “Mars Attacks”     uncredited extra        Warner Bros/various

ER – “Benton Backwards”         uncredited extra        Warner Bros/various

The Mob Doctor          Featured extra/ Constatine’s henchman    Fox / Micheal Dinner

Chicago Code    extra / FBI Agent       20th Century Fox

The Capones     Extra / bar patron      asylum entertainment

L5 series       Supporting actor / “Allan Carmichael”   Team Hemoglobin / Stanley Von medve




My name is Andrew Westling. Also, I’m known as Rubix. I am an 18 year old rapper from Yelm, Washington. I started writing music about 4 years ago while I was homeless to help distract myself from suicidal thoughts and how negative life was at that time for me. Eventually it turned into a hobby, and now it’s my passion. Unfortunately, all I have out for now is a weed-mix to Kendrick Lamar’s backseat freestyle. I do have a new song titled “Personal Thoughts” dropping September 17th, 2014, as well as a couple more singles in the near future. I will be dropping my first ever album soon; and after, a collaboration with the hip hop artist Shizzy VI. My style is overall non-discriminatory, but never really the same in each song, come check me out for yourself! Thank you to “Talent In Your Face” for giving me a shout out and such a big opportunity!


Kym Reinhardt

28 years old, and fairly new to the industry. It’s always been a dream to model, wasn’t until a photographer at a family member’s wedding asked to take my picture for her portfolio did I realize my dream wasn’t out of reach. Originally from California,  I’m a new transplant to Utah. I love using my creativity to make beautiful things, whether it be a photo or floral arrangement, or anything else.