Yung Jewelz

JewelzSince bursting on the scenes a few years back, Yung Jewelz has used her laid back demeanor and lyrical prowess to establish herself as one of the top female MC’s in Mississippi. That rise looks to continue as she releases her “Earth Day” EP. Over the course of 8 tracks we listen as Jewelz showcases her versatility with tracks covering a wide array of topics from women empowerment, life in Jackson, Mississippi, love and much more. She is assisted with features from Dolla Black, Krystal Gem,

Savvy, Sika, Vitamin Cea and others. Check out the EP in full now below and watch for more to come in the near future.

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The Apostrophe

Te’von, self-proclaimed as “The Apostrophe”, is an audio artist and 10355390_10153759462057925_4942898548876986680_nvideo director, among other things, on the rise. Currently New York based, Te’von believes it his artistic duty to stay as true to himself and his art as possible. Regarding authenticity, creativity, and artistic and moral integrity above all else, he released his album to high praise from fans and fellow artists, a project that could only be described as soulful, subtle, beautiful, and honest.

INSTA: le_apostrophe


Hero, who was recently signed to a one song deal with “Makaveli Music Group” 2pac’s family (2012). Hero begin to pay his dues in the year 1996 doing shows throughout the communities of Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County. He BeFunky_Hero 1.jpghas performed on various stages for radio stations (POWER 96, HOT 105, and 99 JAMZ). Hero was also featured on BET’s 106 and Park and was invited to be a part of BET’s RAP-IT-UP Road Tour. This gave him the boost that he needed
to put his self on the verge to making it to the top and to travel to different destinations outside of the State of Florida so that he can spread a new generation sound; Southern Rap. Hero brings new style, new meaning, and all new concepts to the music industry. Hero, has released his latest album “Drop Zone” which has been available on all majoronline stores. The album is becoming a success, which is now receiving air play through out the states as well as in other countries,one of his songs was also picked for a movie placement which was a power move. Hero, was recently pick by: “The Hip-hop Head Foundation” out of (New York) to do a song in honor for a Hip-Hop Icon: “KRS1” which will be placed on a major compilation coming soon so stay tuned..Hero, continues to stay busy in the studio working currently on his next coming album titled: “Made From Scratch” with his latest single “Smile” as one of the next hit single’s from the coming album.The streets are slowly, but surely convinced that he will be the next MC/Composer to rise to the top as the fans follow.

Location: Fort Lauderdale Florida
Twitter: @hero325music

FB: Hero Lauderdales King

IG: hero_exam325musichouse

Music site:

Youtube link: “Smile” by: (Hero):

Song: Smile  ISRC: QM-M3Q-14-00015 Published by BMI, Copyright (2014)

Monika Nieborek

        Monika Nieborek was born in Poland and she currently resides with her family in Goodyear, Arizona.

         Her journey with art started way back in Poland when she began her studies at the University of Warsaw. The environment that she was living in really changed her perspective on things. She was moved and inspired by nature; beauty of her homeland, Poland. Monika found herself recreating this beauty with unique textures and various mediums.

        In 1994, with her family, Monika moved to the United States. First settling in New York City then a few years later in New Jersey. In these cities, she pursued her love of art by being exposed to local galleries and museums. She also got inspiration from personally meeting a few local artists who respected and brought simple pleasure to her and her studies.

        In 2004, Monika graduated from Middlesex College in NJ with a degree in Fine Arts.  Following her graduation, Monika and her family moved to Arizona. Now, she is motivated by the austere beauty of the south-western desert.

        Monika works mainly with acrylic and oils, creating beautifully detailed textures. She finds inspiration in simple found objects like paper, fabric, string or glue itself. Her palette blitzes in bronzes, yellows and reds.

        Monika is best known for her several collections of The Trail of Painted Ponies. Constantly increasing her artistic and creativity skill,  Monika has had the honor to exhibit her art with galleries in Chambersburg, PA, The District Art Gallery in Tustin, CA and several online art competitions.


Talmage Dennis

Hello! My name is Paul Talmage Dennis. Call me, Talmage. When did I become interested in the arts? I remember as a small child being 10624854_962327083794369_2527369775191386944_nso enthralled by the works of Michelangelo and Picasso. I think it’s time for me to show the world my work.  Hopefully, you will follow me on Twitter and I.G. Don’t be thrown off with the handle.

I.G. & Twitter: Uglyazzmuffin


1514962_962474110446333_3981909770027246792_n 1656345_818119228215156_166558950_n 1899891_950368118323599_2397255375852577616_n 10363698_962474097113001_8599103545227280777_n 10441139_953826971311047_2703759698266901379_n 10599433_949933758367035_2861032984065878594_n 10615481_958163127544098_7681478469055104956_n 10616508_958142424212835_7929328050953053328_n 10646878_953835207976890_124122685771810135_n

Devan Dominguez

I hand stretch graffiti art photographs onto canvas.  I have always been intrigued by the concepts of light and dark.  How each takes on certain preordained notions of good and evil, and how the juxtaposition of the two helps define judgment of what is beautiful.  To me, graffiti art and culture is the perfect semblance of such juxtaposition.  Graffiti often presents a message of anger, aggression, or 20140805192030_004 copyinsubordination; all conveyed within the guise of a bright, colorful aesthetic.  Such is the dual nature of both people and art.   With this in mind, I actively sought to photograph graffiti in as many cities across the United States and Europe as possible.  The images capture a singular mood and moment that can rarely be replicated, 20140805192030_003 copyas graffiti is such a transient art form.  While the images stand beautifully alone, in many I have overlaid graphics of myself.  In essence, stylizing images previously used for modeling purposes, through caricature.  This to me is the heart of graffiti ideology.

To tell you a little bit more about myself, I graduated from Brown University in 2008 and started actively photographing graffiti in 2011.  I have traveled to 15 different countries but have graffiti art primarily from Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Atlanta, New York and Denver.


Tiff Mann

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tiffany. I’m a work-at-home mom living in central Texas. I am working on my photography career. I’ve been a shutterbug for as long as I can remember. My dream was to be a photojournalist, but life got in TiffManthe way, so now here I am, mucking about with my camera shooting whatever I feel inspires me at the time. My work has been featured in several places, including Landscape Photography Magazine, Fox 4 News, and publications on several websites and blogs across the Internet. I am a RAW Artists, and have done shows in Austin, and I have many more exhibits planned for the future!