Quez Co’Dean

Rising rapper Quez Co’Dean returns with his first full length project since 2011. Over 14-tracks he reveals the struggles he has had since that time, battling back from severe poverty, homelessness and becoming a father. “5 Years Later” is the culmination of all of his experiences and it shows in the subject matter, with songs like “Young Men Blues” and “Payne In My Eyez” speaking deeply on what all those dark times have taught him. Quez makes it a mission to show the differences in his life now as well, with celebratory anthems like “Make Em Believe” and “Connected” balancing out the project.
Helping to craft the set is SplurgeMan Rico, RaRa, Piff, SplurgeMan T-Low, Wally Bo & Ikita with production from JMark, OG LOGAN & Christopher Al TRAKKENSTEIN. Camden Da Bastard brings the vision to life with the artwork and the visuals. The Starkville, Mississippi native gets DJ LAKEGANG to host, with sponsorship from 1stDayFresh and The Gold Zone. Stream via Spinrilla and view the video for his regional smash “Connected” below.

Mixtape Link
Embed: https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/quez-codean-5-years-later/embed
Connected Video

Social Media
Facebook: Quez Co’Dean (@quezcodeanmusic) | Instagram: quez__codean__

A Talent In Your Face Exclusive: nonSense’s Pluto 

“Pluto” is nonSense’s latest visual from his debut album ‘Mercury Retrograde’. The New Jersey rapper really showcases his storytelling ability through wicked wordplay and rhymes. The high quality visuals will keep you entertained throughout the entire video just as much as his lyrics. The video portrays an interesting series of clips too. It begins with nonSense tied up and ends with them putting a bag over his head. I guess our imagination has to end the story.
nonSense was born and raised in the hard streets of Newark, New Jersey. Raised in a single parent household, Frantz endured and overcame hardships. Coming from such a chaotic environment, nonSense needed an outlet in order to express his frustrations, fears and future. So, he began writing poetry but was soon entranced by music. Drawing from his mother’s love of music, nonSense began listening, experimenting and cultivating his own craft and style. He chose the name “nonSense”; aiming to create music that compelled the listener to dig deeper in order to reveal the message behind the words. He currently has 3 projects out; ‘Up the Downs’ which dropped 4 years ago, ‘Cosmic Vibes’ 11 months ago, and ‘Mercury Retrograde’ which dropped last month.

 “Pluto” https://youtu.be/rtjboXSVg1w 










Marcus DeWayne Franks was born on March 15, 1989. His stage IMG_6485 (427x640)name is KoBoogie. He is an American/African rapper, record producer, and soon to be entrepreneur. KoBoogie had a hard time getting in a studio in his time of rapping because no one really had one. While growing up, KoBoogie’s parents were on drugs. He was raised in the ghetto- rough parts of the neighborhood. Hoping to make it out.

KoBoogie was feature on the same stage with Fantasia.
In 2010, KoBoogie moved to Atlanta, GA from Grand Rapids, MI to live with his sister and build his career. Linking up with Lil John and Big Sam from the Eastside Boyz, he was doing local shows around the area in GA. With funds running low and no job, KoBoogie_MG_6545 (427x640) was forced to move back to Louisiana; where he shared the same stage with the Famous Dj Hollyhood Bay Bay Who was the DJ and Promoter for Hurricane Chris. KoBoogie even did a show with 3 feet.  Also, he has been on the stage with D4L and Fantasia in 2012. KoBoogie dropped a mixtape on iHeart Radio. In 2013, KoBoogie remade YG’s song “My Homie, My Homie” and got over 90k views on YouTube within two weeks to two months span.
KoBoogie  stays on Google and interacting with fans from all over. In April 2014, KoBoogie lost his car, house, and job. All he had was to IMG_6659 (427x640)fall back on his music career and he is on it full blast looking for a marketing and promotion deal so he could really advance. He even been looking up for some 360 deals. With four great songs on iTunes, iHeart radio, and many more, KoBoogie is looking to make his name in the game this year and stay forever a household name.