Varus Bell

Varus Bell was born Davarus Bell  in Starkville, Mississippi on December 16, 1987, he gained the name Varus Bell by his family because most people consider his government name long. None of his family or friends refer to his as Varus or Davarus, if you ever meet him you most address him with his first and last name together Varus Bell (Like A Tribe Called Quest & A Pimp Named Slick Back) Altogether. Different huh? Varus Bell was born and Raised on the East Side of Starkville in a Small Crime infested community named Blackjack. As he grew older and his mom was placed on section 8 project housing he spent a portion of his childhood on the WestSide (The one West) of Starkville in the project housing neighborhoods of Long St (Zuber St), Reed Rd (Hollywood)  and Brooksville Garden (The Trap). He grew up in the typical single parent household including him his mother and brother.

Growing up, Varus Bell wasn’t a stranger to hard times, he was hardened by difficult times being a product of his environment. His neighborhood was notorious for drugs, gangs, and violence. To many people the Blackjack  community was considered a  nuance (red zone) but to him and his peers Blackjack was home his place of residence. Varus Bell grew up being involved in gang activities, crime, violence labeling him a community opposition. Basketball and music was his passion and many people expected him to play basketball at the professional level like his cousin Latavious Williams and nba and local McDonald all American player Travis Outlaw. But like most  kids growing up in the projects those dreams were blocked before they became a goal.

Varus was mainly raised between households being his grandparents, god parents, and his mother. He first fell in love with music in the 6th grade(2000) when local record label  Lokee Records produced local artist such as Chaos Da Boss(Storm Clique), Dj Stickuhbush, Ty Cutta, DeanTown Villians, DoughBelly Stray, BigBull, Danijah and others. Varus Bell started rapping over instramentals by 36 mafia, Playa Fly, Pastor Troy and Dru hill(Yes Dru hill). His favorite rappers back then were 36 mafia member Lord infamous, Pastor Troy, Notorious B.I.G, Jay z and playa Fly. Working effortlessly to become a local star Varus Bell started mimicking other rappers delivery and style. He joined the local rap group Bloodkin where he was mentored and groomed into a rap artist, he found his own style, appearance, delivery and gain confidence. In 2004 he released his first single “Hoodat” and “Pushin” with gain him local attention in surrounding areas. Following a performance at a talent show Varus bell collaborated with Local artists Vi the champ, Yo and Ill will (Willie P Rest in peace) all of Bloodkin  to produce “Stand Up” a local club song and party song. Varus bell continue to gain confidence in his art so he continued to groom himself in the Art of music.

Varus Bell grandparents who did there best to keep him out the streets and into his books. No matter how hard they tried to show him the value of being a law abiding citizen the more gang activities got the best of him. At the age of 16 he was a convicted felon for burglary of a vehicle. He was expelled from school, placed on Non judicated probation, forcing him to take his GED and attended Community college in Meridian Community college in Meridian Ms and Monroe College in Rochester NY on a basketball scholarship. Over a falsified statement from a police officer, Varus Bell violated his probation for Trespassing which sent him to prison for 2 years and 8 months. After being released in May 2012, Varus Bell hit the bricks running playing semi pro basketball, experimenting with fashion and Hustling marijuana. With 5 written statements and a camera recorded conversation with a confidential informant, Varus Bell was sentence to 20 years in prison 15 years to serve with 5 years of post supervised probation in 2014 with the Mississippi department of corrections for the sale of marijuana times 2. Being that sale of marijuana is a Non violent offense he only had to serve 25% of the 15 years.

While being incarcerated Varus bell sent hours and days working on music, reading and working out, studying music and entrepreneurship. Since his release Varus Bell had been on a relentless path of musicianship, community service, and building a fan base behind his music with his story. He is experimenting with different endeavors such as acting, fashion and modeling while being a artist and composer. His ultimate goal is to be a star in the music industry and give back to those who shouldn’t have to suffer the way he did. Varus bell is on a straight and narrow path and his success and two daughters are the ulterior motivation to make him strive for excellence. Gaining attention of Jay-z and other music execs is  a bullet point on his to do list.

Varus Bell Artist/Composer
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“Changes”Artist: TruthCity

TruthCity tells a story on “Changes” and that story is one of struggle and devotion. He talks about moving to New York City to pursue a music career with no money. TruthCity spent nights sleeping in the back of restaurants and on friend’s floors all for the love of music. You can hear the pain and passion in his voice throughout the entire song. You can see his progress throughout video as well. Nothing will stop TruthCity.

Artist: @MrTruthCity
Shot & Edited: @BoardinOgilvie

TruthCity is a rapper & songwriter (originally from Virginia) but now resides in NYC. Inspired by prolific and distinguished artists such as Jay-Z, Coldplay, Nas, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol has influenced Truth’s intense, lifelong devotion to his craft. TruthCity truly lives up to his stage name by making the kind of music “that is the soundtrack to your life.” Every time he touches the mic, he converts strangers to believers.


TruthCity - Changes


Nomad is a college educated artist that creates relatable music that can be categorized as Rap, R&B, or Pop. The 23 year-old Dominican was born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn which put him through many different experiences that are demonstrated in his music. In his personal life, Nomad truly loves to give back to the children and works in the community as a Program Director giving back to families. Nomad has plenty of love for his own family and friends as well. He works as hard as he can to continue to make them proud. Nomad’s goal is to make music that can help people in their day to day lives. He is currently working on his debut album that will drop in November of 2016.

Nomad brings us a dope visual and late-night jam with “Let Go”. The Brooklyn rapper/singer showcases both of his strengths on “Let Go” with a seductive hook and a smooth flow. This song is the first single from his upcoming project ‘To Whom it May Concern’ which fans can expect to hear this year. The enticing lyrics and quality visuals (from Strapping Bucks Visuals) will keep you entertained for the entire track. 

 “Let Go”

Artist: @Nomad_Nate 

Producer: @nick_cavs

Amoré KING

Amoré KING has one main goal musically which is- “Restore The Feeling.” Representing the bass heavy soul sound of Louisville, KY and gritty street sound of Kinston, NC simultaneously, Amore’s sound is multi-layered with a flavor that can only be described as2528 “smooth lyricism”. Given the moniker “Amoré KING” for his dominance lyrically and sonically; from winning radio countdowns so many times they had to retire his records, co-signs from XM/Sirius on air personalities and djs, to producing many of his own (and others) records… its safe to say the name fits.

Soundcloud link:

Twitter: AmoretheKING
Instagram: Amore.King
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OG Matt

OG Matt is an artist that hails from Broward County, FL. He has worked with fellow artists, NetRaps & Jon G to produce and compose a four track EP. They’ve previously released the single (first track) and it has received very positive results. The EP “The Decent” is a diverse, yet cohesive musical album with custom production handled by Jon G.


Roy The Savage – “E.N.Y. (SLOWdown Gentrification)”

Roy the Savage was born and raised in the birthplace of hip-hop, New York City. Growing up in a Dominican household in East New York, Brooklyn has made him the confident, taRoyTheSavage ENYlented artist he is today. You can definitely hear the city’s influence in his music too. His style has been shaped by the golden era
of hip-hop of the 1990’s and NY’s greats. Roy the Savage isn’t your typical rapper either. His music is infused with poetry and soul creating a new sound many haven’t heard before. Outside of music, Roy dedicates himself to his community by running projects that help young people in his neighborhood get internships. His main goal is to travel the world, play music, connect people, promote peace, and spread love.
STREAM “E.N.Y. (SLOWdown Gentrification)”:
SONG DESCRIPTION: East New York is going through a massive rezoning process that is going to change the neighborhood forever. No one has said anything about the subject…. until now.

New Music: ‘Rain’ by Chad Michael

‘Rain’ is the debut EP of Arizona native Chad Michael. The emcee and singer, currently based in Los Angeles, wrote ChadMichaelRainEPand recorded this diverse combination of six songs over the course of 2014-15, drawing from experiences and lessons learned while in college and after moving to Southern California two summers ago to pursue a career in music.

The release ranges topically from intense, world-beating anthems like ‘Different’ to heavier, introspective songs such as ‘Nights Like This’ and the title track ‘Rain’. The opening track, ‘Evolution’ is immediate proof of the emcee’s verbal capabilities, while ‘Miss Me Now’ also provides a playful cockiness to round out the 25-minute EP. Arranged thoughtfully, the record’s ups and downs convey not only a collection of songs but a compelling story-line as well.

Having only recorded for less than four years, Chad uses ‘Rain’ as an opportunity to continue to explore and refine his burgeoning mixture of sounds. Whether crooning softly to an old flame or attempting to navigate the difficulty of societal pressures, the young artist’s intelligence, raw ability, and passion shine through the crisp, often bouncy production of Oregon producer Emotion Beats.

‘Rain’ comes three months after the Soundcloud releases of six remastered tracks from a 2013 project, ‘World on Fire’, and a cover of R&B artist SoMo’s ‘Ride’ in October, which showcases a surprisingly versatile vocal range.

With more on the way in 2016, including expected collaborations with established artists and new visuals, the future appears bright for the 24-year-old. ‘Rain’, while still undeniably raw, uses this point to its advantage, and proves to be a good place to bookmark the early chapters of a promising career.