Amoré KING

Amoré KING has one main goal musically which is- “Restore The Feeling.” Representing the bass heavy soul sound of Louisville, KY and gritty street sound of Kinston, NC simultaneously, Amore’s sound is multi-layered with a flavor that can only be described as2528 “smooth lyricism”. Given the moniker “Amoré KING” for his dominance lyrically and sonically; from winning radio countdowns so many times they had to retire his records, co-signs from XM/Sirius on air personalities and djs, to producing many of his own (and others) records… its safe to say the name fits.

Soundcloud link:

Twitter: AmoretheKING
Instagram: Amore.King
Facebook: Amoré King

Kate Green

Kate Green is an illustrator working in Austin Texas.  Her focus is on combining fine art with illustration using whimsical imagery.


Gavin Nelson

I’m Gavin from Dallas TX and I just released my debut single called (Who You Be) via sound cloud. I believe in making real Hip Hop and providing a message with each line I speak. I’m a humble, ambitious artist who is trying to spread truths to my generation and those to come.


Randy Derby

Hello! My name is Randy Derby. I’m currently 21 yrs. old. I was born and raised in Port Gibson, MS. I’ve resided in Houston,TX. I’m truly inspired by the craft of design. My ultimate desire is to become a successful stylist which includes cosmetics, hair, and wardrobe design. It would be an honor to share my many talents!





His name is Dario but he is known professionally as “AIROD”. He is only 20 years old and has been active in the music industry since he was 16. He began playing guitar, piano, and drums when he was 4 years old and by 6, he was composing his first songs. He went to the conservatory and music school and now, he’s studying at the SAE Institue in Paris and collaborating with other various emerging artists. He specializes in DUBSTEP and ELECTRO. His last big project was his song ‘SUMMER FEEL’ for the New York FASHION WEEK 2014!


Talmage Dennis

Hello! My name is Paul Talmage Dennis. Call me, Talmage. When did I become interested in the arts? I remember as a small child being 10624854_962327083794369_2527369775191386944_nso enthralled by the works of Michelangelo and Picasso. I think it’s time for me to show the world my work.  Hopefully, you will follow me on Twitter and I.G. Don’t be thrown off with the handle.

I.G. & Twitter: Uglyazzmuffin


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Tiff Mann

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tiffany. I’m a work-at-home mom living in central Texas. I am working on my photography career. I’ve been a shutterbug for as long as I can remember. My dream was to be a photojournalist, but life got in TiffManthe way, so now here I am, mucking about with my camera shooting whatever I feel inspires me at the time. My work has been featured in several places, including Landscape Photography Magazine, Fox 4 News, and publications on several websites and blogs across the Internet. I am a RAW Artists, and have done shows in Austin, and I have many more exhibits planned for the future!